Global Society of
Applied Infosocionomics.

About Glo-SAI.

Global Society of Applied Infosocionomics (herein after, Glo-SAI) is an international society of Applied Infosocionomics researchers.
Applied Infosociomics is a research framework of studies of informatized society building based on the Infosocionomics Modernization Model.
Infosocionomics is a research framework in charge of theoretical analysis of modernization and informatization.
The basic methodology of Applied Infosocionomics is based on the Doctrine of Infosocionomics Modernization Model.
Applied Infosocionomics is a research framework of implementing the Doctrine of Infosocionomics Modernization Model onto specific projects of informatized society building.

The Doctrine of the Infosocionomics Modernization Model (Please refer to the column of Infosocionomics below for further information.)

The Architecture of the Present Modern Society

= (Nation States Building + Integrated States Building)
+ (Labor-Centric Industrialization + Intelligence-Centric Industrialization)
+ Informatization

In another terminology,

= (The Maturity Phase of Nationalization Ⅱ + The Breakthrough Phase of Nationalization Ⅲ)
+ (The Maturity Phase of Industrialization Ⅰ + The Emergence Phase of Industrialization Ⅱ)
+ The Emergence Phase of Informatization

In this decade, many researchers of Infosocionomics in the world have tried to establish a kind of applied framework of Infosocionomics and finally reached the establishment of Applied Infosocionomics.
Among those works, Epistemic Research Institute of Social Ethics (ERISE), Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology (AIIT) has taken the leading role.

ERISE was established in April, 2017. ERISE is the special research institute concentrating on Infosocionomics researches.
ERISE has been holding joint seminars with universities / governmental institutions in Asia and Africa under the common topic related to Infosocionomics studies each fiscal year (October – September).
In FY 2017, the common topic was “Developmental Strategies coping with the Middle Income Traps”, and 23 seminars were held in Kyrgyz, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia.
In FY 2018, the common topic was “Disruptive Social Changes on Blockchain”, and 44 seminars were held in Vietnam, Indonesia, Israel, Botswana, Eswatini, Sudan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Lao PDR and Kyrgyz.
In FY 2019, the common topic was “An Advanced Methodology of Informatized Society Building”, and 9 seminars were held in Indonesia, Lao PDR, Cambodia, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam.

In those seminars, researcher in Asia and Africa repeatedly requested the establishment of special academic methodology of social science based on the Infosocionomics Modernization Model in charge of informatized society building in Asia and Africa.
Researchers, including ERISE researchers, and officials in Asia and Africa have discussed this issue and finally established Global Association of Informatized Society Building Researchers (G-AIR)in November, 2019.
ERISE has been taking the role of Secretariat of G-AIR.
G-AIR is the predecessor of Glo-SAI.

In 2020, researches in Asia and Africa had launched studies in various topics beyond legal system development which was the main topic of Studies of Informatized Society Building.
Based on these research development, the studies of Applied Infosocionomics has been launched, and Glo-SAI has been established as an international society of researchers and officials which will serve the platform function to individuals and entities which are tackling the task of informatized society building in each state.

ERISE is taking the role of Secretariat of Glo-SAI.

Prof. Dr. Shumpei Kumon, President of Glo-SAI

(photo : Lecture of Infosocionomics at Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology (AIIT), July 9th, 2016)

Prof. Mitsuhiro Maeda, Vice President of Glo-SAI

(photo : Special Lecture at High-level Meeting between the Government and Private sector on Industrial Policies of Kyrgyz Republic, Issyk-kul, Kyrgyz Republic, September 20th, 2019)

Dr. Jun Murai, Vice-President of Glo-SAI

(photo : Lecture at ERISE=ERIA(Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia)Joint Seminar “The Strategic Perspective of New City Management for ASEAN” , Jakarta, December 3rd, 2018.

The Organization of Global Society of Applied Infosocionomics